Sunday, February 22, 2009

By a Thread

I baked kale chips today and they turned out very good! I think I overcooked them but I'll do better next time. I also hit the gym for a 48 minute workout-burned nearly 600 calories!
Gotta hit the sack, this week is going to be killer time wise-test tomorrow that I am not prepared for so I need to get up early.
Still very up and down about our dog and now Husband is out of town until Thursday. I'm hanging on and have a fridge full of veggies.


Vickie said...

I left two link on (your) yesterday's posting -

good luck with your test!!!

My hubby was gone all of last week - in some ways it makes it easier - in some ways harder.

when you are done with your tests and your life is back to normal - I am looking for a site to copy whole food information (veggies and fruit mostly) to copy/paste and then print out and glue to index cards and keep in my kitchen. My kids are good label readers on packaged goods - sodium and protein (mostly).

I personally do NOT know all that I should about whole foods. protein and calcium in veggies for example. So, I am looking for an easy to read site that has good information - but not so much that it is difficult to read.


NO HURRY - take care of yourself first!!!

Leah J. Utas said...

Kale chips?

Marla said...

I need the recipe.