Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shove Off Bodybugg (just kidding) 158.6 (-1.6)

Down a pound today (finally) but since that was over the last two weeks the little picture of the guy on the bodybugg program was sort of scolding me. What they don't know is I was back up to almost 162 Tuesday after I went nuts Monday night with tex mex. So being down to 158.6 is pretty major if I do say so myself.
I usually don't list numbers here for fear of being judged one way or another. I think I need to put it out there and talk more about where I have been and where I came from instead of being so vague. I'll start that later. haha! Oh man, I kill me. I think if you counted up the pounds I have lost and gained, lost and gained over the years it would be an absolutely ridiculous number. Not to mention the eating disordered thinking I've taken on when I started dieting back, 2002 maybe? That wasn't the first time I went on a diet but that was sort of what started the snowball rolling and then after joining WW I learned so many bad things...when we talk about ED in class I am silently saying to myself, "yep that is me, that is me, I do that, what if everyone knew that?" Scary stuff, but since I am not terribly thin I don't think anyone realizes what goes on upstairs. I am aware and I am changing my thought patterns and behaviors and I can do this. We all have choices every day, I loved the post "Split Second" by Lyn at Escape from Obesity (reading her archives now, that is also something I do when I find a blog I like, so be aware I've prob read everything you've written.) I will link to it if I can go back and find it. ETA: Vickie, who totally rocks and you should read, found the link for me and so ta da!
Blogland inspires me so much, I will be mentioning people every day if I can that I think rock, there is almost a never ending supply of inspiring kick ass people out there.
Family calls, I'll just have to come back here later.


Vickie said...

is this the one of Lyn's that you were looking for???

thanks for your very kind comment today - I really needed it!

I think that most of us are two sides of the same coin with eating disordered thinking - one set of 'things' at our higher weights and then often another side of 'things' on the flip side.

I personally do post very specific things (as you know) - I always wonder about the ones that post non-specifics - like does that mean they do not obsess about their numbers - or does it actually mean it is more of an issue - hard to know.

Tex Mex was probably a pure sodium reaction thing - my mom who is 115 lbs or so - can have a 5 lb swing with hardly any sodium at all.

Here is a little story about 14 lbs:

Hope that your weekend is going well! thanks again for your support!

Tony said...

Ah, I really wish I had money for a bodybugg. I love that post by Lyn as well.