Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just checking in to say I'm back from my weekend trip. I'm exhausted but excited about life, I had a lovely time. Plans are swirling around my noggin regarding my own personal development, things I'll do with my site and some things I'll do here in the meantime.
Looking forward to catching up with all my blog friends and to writing more often, this week is the final week of my major rotation and though other things are coming up the major pressure should be lifted somewhat.
I'm barely upright so I'll say goodnight.


Kada said...

Goodnight! Have a wonderful sleep.
Catch ya next weekend when I get back from my own trip. ;)

monica said...

Hey there. Just read your guest post on MizFit... it drew so many parallels to my own life and just wanted to say thanks for sharing! I'm a 15-year vegetarian veteran living with a meat eater who's trying to up his veggie meals. If you want any advice, feel free to shoot me an email!

WeightingGame said...

glad you're feeling better! And I agree, Mizfit is da bomb!