Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I have to say feeling under the weather or being full blown ill is the number one deterrant I have to working out regularly and having the bod I want. Besides the pesky frequent illness my health markers are great so I have to cop to the vanity side and the desire to be lighter and stronger so that I can DO more. I still really, really want to do pullups, be able to run at least a mile, etc. and yet after years of trying to be physically active I'm not that far from where I started.
I eat much better than I did before, I have the abilities to take care of my family well nutritionally and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. There are many things to be thankful for but as far as fitness goes: I have nothing I can say as far as, "I completed x" or "I can do x that I could not do before" etc. For short periods of time I do and then I slide back to square one because I have a short attention span for things and lose interest and my life makes consistency hard, not impossible, but hard.
I'm really unsure as to how to tackle this problem, previous exploits have all failed, I think I need a group or something to belong to-that approach would be completely foreign to anything I've done before.
I'm sick now but this is the time to formulate a plan. Never fear, I don't ever give up, I'm just being honest with myself and you. No tangible progress to be had and I'm ready to change that. I need to implement some type of progression system for workouts like I've done for food...will have to ponder that and then come back here for more navel gazing.
Mizfit had a recent post about workout buddies. Heck, if aren't reading her site, why aren't you? And you should start, that's all I'm saying, including the comments. Lots of good information there.


new*me said...

I agree......MizFit's site should be on everyone's reading list :).....valuable info from such a great woman/mommy!

I enjoyed your post over there this morning. We have tried to implement small changes in eating in our family.....more veggies and fruits, trying to get rid of HFCS whenever possible, using whole grains. It's amazing how fast little ones adapt to these changes ;) Even stubborn "give me chocolate and sugar" hubby has been on board for the most part!!!

MARLA said...

And by the way - great to see you doing a guest post there!

carla said...

Thanks for the love & the fab gust post.

Hope you're on the mend.