Monday, October 13, 2008

I still felt queasy all day today and I promise I didn't drink THAT much, my goodness. As a result I've eaten on an almost constant basis all day trying to stifle that niggling discomfort. That combined with other GI disturbances has added up to my feeling pretty crappy right about now but this too shall pass. I know that, and I know that THIS TIME (the eternal cry, right?) I will not let my workouts fall by the wayside. I am stronger and in a better mental place-at least when I get enough sleep, something I did not do last night either. Ack, this is reading like a trainwreck.
How 'bout I share a food tip instead of listing my deviations from the path? If you have a hard time eating salad or you eat it but don't really enjoy doing so, try chopping the lettuce into fairly small pieces. I first tried it after having a completely unhealthy chopped salad out and about with friends and then I remembered buying this handy little tool I bought at IKEA in the days of yore which promptly went to live in my cabinet to languish. It works like a champ to chop my salad and I can go through a huge package of spinach or romaine now when it is chopped. It might sound like a silly thing but for some reason it makes my salads deliciouso mucho! It is funny how the texture of things can drastically change our perceptions. I also think it tastes better because there is more surface area for the dressing and other goodies to coat instead of huge dull leaf that barely gets doused. Try it, you may love it. There's also scissors specifically made for the job but I love my little roley poley cutting board thingie.
I had a sneaking suspicion that my back would be killing me today after pulling myself up those swingset bars (picture sort of a really tall u-shape and gripping the bars while swinging your body back and forth and climbing to the top of the upside down u shape with just your arms and back doing the work). Not only has my back hurt but my poor neck seemed to take the brunt of it. It's been miserable.
I'm doing it again as soon as possible. HA!

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Kada said...

Ahhh the mezzaluna. Yes, they're fabulous for shredding and mincing things.

Heeee! Glad you're up for the climbing thing again.

Still queasy? It's called getting older. My tolerance dropped through the floor once I hit 30. {sigh}