Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm currently dealing with trying to keep our toddler in bed while my Husband is at work. This is not going that well and so my plan of having time to update is somewhat shot but I said I would be back and so here I am.
Went to the gym after taking the exam this morning and got on the elliptical and the treadmill. Did intervals on both, the elliptical had a cross ramp option that basically increased the incline-not sure that I've done that kind before. I remember when 5 minutes on an elliptical on resistance 1 about killed me-I was coming from being completely sedentary and a smoker to boot. Creepy falsetto singing dude was back and just like I thought I'm pretty sure he's out of jail or something-I noticed the tear tattoo on his face today. Also, what was he doing at the gym on a Monday during the day? There's an interesting mix at this gym, scary looking guys in the free weights area, me being the only female that ventures in there amongst them. Then you have all the Latinas young and old rockin' the cardio machines and then really, really old white folks paddling around in the pool. I love seeing the obvious harmony in such a variety of people.
I've since come home and worked for what feels like a long time (at least an hr or two) on the house, cooked dinner and battled our son who seems to be going through an independence asserting phase. I'm exhausted and believe I'll go curl up in bed with a book.

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MARLA said...

"An independence asserting phase." I love that, I think I will use it whenever I cross someone.

Hey too bad you're married, sounds like there's all kinds of potential boyfriends at the gym :-P