Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm seriously considering re-joining a gym. I've thought, "I can do this at home, look at these shiny handled cannonballs here and this bench and this elliptical, etc" and while it is true I CAN do this at home, the problem has been WILL I do this at home. The fact is, when I have a designated building to dress for, go to and cavort within, I am much more likely to be consistent. There's no coming in and sinking into the couch while my ass becomes one with the foam.
So Bally's is running a thing where you can print out a two week free pass and of course you have to go through a "tour" which is basically a thinly (and I mean thin, as transparent as a Saran wrap dress)ploy to sign you up that day. That day, as in before you even get to workout there. I almost fell for it myself, not due to the less than stellar sales pitch but just because my little fitness addicted heart was dazzled by having all the crap I could want within 5 minutes of our house.
I'm studying for an exam that is coming at 9:30 this morning over Liver and Heme but promise and cross my pea pickin' heart and all that jazz I will come back to post again TODAY. I have to tell you about my first workout there and the grunty Latin macho man that persisted in singing in a falsetto voice at random times. For instance singing the she's got legs ZZ top song when it wasn't even PLAYING.
I'm wearing my workout gear now so I can drive straight from school to the gym for HIIT cardio, I shall return.

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