Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This song always makes me think of my son, along with a smattering of other videos played in the middle of the night when he was really, really new to the world and we would sit up together. Remembering the way he smelled and the sounds he made and the incredible feeling I had holding him and nursing sort of makes me want to cry even now. I know the song is about a relationship (I think) but the words brighter than sunshine ring true.
I care not a fig about the video, just wanted to post the song some how to share.
Went for a thirty minute walk which did wonders for my soul.


M@rla said...

That is a beautiful song! I've noticed that really great love song lyrics could equally be about a lover, a child, or God. It seems to be capturing the same emotion expressed in different ways.

I was so confused when I got here and your blog looked different! I wish you lived closer because I would SO like you to practice cooking on me.

Kada said...

What a beautiful song. This song will probably remind you of him for the rest of your life.

The song my dad has for me is Little Ray of Sunshine by Axiom. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C8q4vGAvPU)

It never fails to make me think of my Dad, and often brings a tear(or several) to my eye. So you make sure you tell your son that Brighter Than Sunshine is HIS song. :)

Erin said...


I've grown really partial to orange and thought I needed a change. I started to delete this whole thing a week ago but decided to just change the color and actually use it more.
Thank you about the song, it is one of those that makes me close my eyes because of the memories attached to it, and I agree songs about love can be about so many different kinds and have meaning for different people.
I would love to live closer too and I would definitely cook for you as my victim, err dinner guest.

Erin said...


I will definitely tell him about this song and others, I've been writing in a little notebook about the things he does and special memories I have of him or us doing things together. Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung will always make me think of bouncing along down the road in my dad's 1972 blue Chevie truck on our way somewhere together. It is funny how music affects us and is so intertwined in our memories.
I'd never heard this song you posted but I love it, wonder how I missed that one.

G.G. said...

Walking IS good for the soul, I think. It's really been helping me out lately.

Sorry I can't comment on the song--I'm speakerless a the moment. But the way you talk about your son is very sweet.

Erin said...

g.g. Thank you! I love my son more than anything, he is a daily ray of brightness for me. If you like piano and pretty male vocals then you would like the song too. :)
You inspired me to start adding a daily (hopefully) walk on top of whatever else I do.