Friday, May 02, 2008

I just completed about a thirty minute workout, five min cardio and then lifting and a little stretching/core stuff. This is the first time I have worked out, it has actually been so long I don't remember when it was-GASP! HORROR!
Today was my last final exam for my junior year, one more year to go and I am free as a bird in the meantime, at least until May 19th. I forsee lots of workouts and cooking experiments and sleeping, yay!
Leaving for Tulsa at about 5 oclock-I need to get showered and pack all three of our bags and load up the car with the luggage plus birthday and mother's day gifts, ack! I can do it, I decided taking the time out to make my body feel good again was worth it and it definitely was, my body is singing right now!
Only burned 285 calories, that's less than a third of what I was doing but that's okay-very little of that was cardio and I haven't moved around purposefully in so long I lost a lot of fitness. My heart rate shot up to the 160s on the basic level of the elliptical rather quickly, I look forward to regaining my endurance and strength.
Strength wise I did alright, not wonderfully but better than cardio-I do pick up a nearly 40 lb unwieldly toddler all the time and other household crap. Our dog weighs over 100 lbs and I hoist her into the car fairly often. I'm proud I can do that. Also I bought nearly $200 worth of groceries yesterday and was able to carry it all in taking only two trips, She-Rah!
Continue to love intuitive eating, really need to talk about in depth and I have a post started but had to save it when my son woke up earlier than expected. I haven't done so well stopping when I was comfortable the last few days but I screwed up with my BC pills and my hormones went all crazy and I was spotting and taking a nap everyday depsite sleeping a lot and...well I was just out of whack and I can see that. Today? No problems, I feel like a normal girl. I love being normal.

PS My mom and dad have both commented saying I must have definitely lost weight, I need to learn to say thank you instead of correcting them that I have actually gained and am perfectly okay with that. I guess I like to see their stunned expressions. My stomach is rarely if ever distended anymore and I think that's a big part of it-my shape seems to be redistributing back to my late teenage years, I have boobs and a butt again but not much stomach and my legs are thinner. I will always have thick legs, that is just my genetic buildup-not much definition in the cankle area but get this, I've lost almost an inch off my ankles. Bizarre.
Okay no time for more babbling, will check back in when we return and start posting with a vengence, free time woo hoo!

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