Friday, January 04, 2008

I've been away from here too long and it has been preventing me from returning. Isn't that strange? I think it is something we are all too familiar with, you the further you get from taking care of yourself mentally or physically, the harder it is to journey back.
So I'm back, I won't talk about the holidays or how proud I was of working out in a different city with relatives determined to make me feel guilty for taking the time. I won't talk about how I've been sick too much during my much needed break, or how damned cold it is in the garage and it has been a struggle to go out there lately.
Instead I'll say hello and state my intentions for this year:

To be positive in all things. This includes self care and a big thing I'm trying on at the moment, being a vegetarian. It feels right but I don't really like labels. If I choose to have a crabcake at some point I don't want idiots breathing down my neck and I'd be lying if I didn't say the people I am most concerned about (and ignoring anyway) are my in-law family. I can just picture uninformed lectures right now and it already irritates me, not really in keeping with the whole positive resolution is it?

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M@rla said...

I will be interested to hear how the "vegetarianism" goes, it's a choice with a lot of good points to it. I totally understand not wanting to label it, that's how I feel about people stating themselves to be EITHER straight or gay - why declare a party affiliation? Live in the moment, that's what I say. If a piece of fish or a chicken wing speaks to you, then why ignore it? But I have toyed with the vegetarian thing myself - a long time ago, before the WL concept, I cut WAY down on meat, and that was a huge change. The typical American diet is so meat-centric, I felt lost figuring out what to have for a meal! And yet I love vegetables so much, it shouldn't be a problem. Just goes to show how narrow-minded we can be.

Looking forward to your new year, and I say f***k that 155!