Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've gone up to 155 and pretty much stayed there for weeks now, I was hanging out at 145-148 for the last year if not longer so this sort of sucks. Not that this is a huge amount of weight but it is significant, affects my pants fitting me, and it sort of bizarre. I thought I wouldn't see those numbers again unless we had another baby and I saw them on the way up like last time.
Not Earth shattering news, not something I think about constantly, just weird.
Today is my third day of vegetarianism. I love it.

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LME said...

I'm trying to stick with vegetarian options these days myself. Like you, I'm not going to beat myself up if I decide I'd like to have some seafood or something, but I know that I feel much better physically (and mentally) when I'm eating mostly vegetarian.

Try not to freak about your weight too much. If 148 was at the high end of your weight range, 155 is not insanely far off. Last week my weight changed four pounds from one day to the next. It could just be some winter weight retention, you know?