Friday, December 19, 2008

Missed me? I'm Baaaaack

When gymming it with full intention to lift weights in a manner that showcases your behind whether you like it or not, do not wear thin cotton pants and underwear apparently called "cheekies" by VS. If so, you shall resemble the picture (if you click the link, I originally had it on here but was irked to have a half naked chick on my blog, not exactly the kind of thing I support) to your horrifed eyes but with clothing over it and not the nakedness. Also that is not me. A clear outline of my undies was visible everytime I moved around at all and I can honestly say I won't make that mistake again, you think eschewing the floss wear would be more comfortable but after yanking and pulling on these suckers for thirty minutes I would have to disagree.
My muscles are so fatigued that I've sort of sat here avoiding the shower because I don't want to hold my arms up to wash my hair. Ok maybe it won't be that bad but it feels like it.

  • Today's Workout (using dumbbells with kettlebell movements, wish the gym had KBs):

    Double military press
  • swings
  • cleans
  • suitcase deadlift
  • one legged deadlift
  • front squat
  • renegade lunge
  • halos
  • good mornings
  • one armed rows
  • windmills

I may be forgetting something but I basically mixed these up and repeated moves alternating between upper and lower body exercises (which is sort of not completely true with KB movements since they tend to use your whole body, especially the core) until completely tuckered out. It only took 30 minutes but I can guarantee it was a good workout. After I get warmed up my heart rate shoots up to the 170's with every exercise, I let it come back down while pacing around and then move on to the next-strength and intervals in one.

Alright that's all I can do at the computer for now, I just have not been able to force myself on this thing since I started feeling better and can actually leave the house. Off to beautify myself and do some holiday shopping.

At least my rearview looked good, awkward or not. ha!

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