Sunday, December 14, 2008

End of Day Four-This Road is Lined with Peril

Ahh day four (day one on the graphic but don't pay attention to that. Historically day four is where things go downhill for me and this time appeared to be going no differently. Deceptive.

Well that is not how the cookie will crumble this time, I did not fail because I ate more than I planned today. I did not fail because I have been sick since starting this ding dang challenge and I've only worked out once. What do these things make me? Human.

Not only human but rather predictable. I say predictable does not mean set in stone however and that is key to remember. I know what is going on here and I am staying the course to do better from here on out starting off with this challenge. Optimistic.

I read the saying somewhere (forgive me for not remembering where) that if you had a flat tire would you deflate the other three? or would you fix it and keep on traveling? I am choosing to fix the flat and keep on-the gig is not up because I ate too much Kashi oatmeal or too few vegetables today. So today I couldn't stomach the carrots when yesterday they sounded delicious. It happens, dare I say it might even be? Predictable.

Bottom line, there will be bumps in the road, that is called life and if not tomorrow then the next day I shall be better and I'll be at the gym and I'll continue to make good nutritional choices. Promise.


G.G. said...

Good for you, Erin!

MizFit said...

I love that tire notion!

with my clients Id ask:

if you found your house on fire would you throw water or GASOLINE on?

same idea.

have a great week!

MARLA said...


Keep up that attitude - once you have the realization that this is forever, single days become less significant. It's both a horrifying and liberating realization!

It's different for everyone, what works for them and what motivates them. I really am motivated by a little countdown graphic; I swear it's like an advent calendar, I can't wait to put one up each day. For some people it probably creates an obsession.

I didn't realize you'd already started, I am TOTALLY redoing the calendar.