Thursday, December 11, 2008

End of Day One

I'm challenging myself to following a plan of my own design until New Year's Eve and day one is behind me. By no means will I suddenly sink into debauchery at the end goal but I may adjust my plan or do something different entirely. It's all well and good to live a healthy lifestyle, which I already do, but in order to feel that sense of achievement I like to have a plan to follow. Today I wrote down what I ate in different colored markers so I could glance at it and see if I was getting plenty of veggies, protein sources, and a good amount of carbohydrate. I liked this system and so shall keep it.
As for activity, no formal workout, just a lot of work around the house and at least 15-20 minutes or more of running back and forth in our yard kicking a ball with our son. So functional and fun-tional work was done today and tomorrow I take our Boy to school and will hit the gym.

I'm watching "What the Bleep Do We Know? and am not sure what to think at this point but it's pretty interesting. I love stuff like this, quantum physics, power of the mind, what's not to love? So I can't really focus on this at the moment, I'm missing fascinating points.
I will be updating daily with my progress and any other nonsense that comes to mind.

PS I ate the persimmon today, remind me to talk about that if I forget. BEZOARS!


Leah J. Utas said...

So, BEZOARS! is the new rallying cry? I like it. It's warped and it works.
And it's way more fun that "human hairball."

Erin said...

Nothing to add to this comment but thanks for making me laugh. I do quite feel like making up a t-shirt that says that in all caps now.