Saturday, December 13, 2008

End of Day Three-Countdown to Slumberland

A quick update as I just took some Nyquil and I don't know how much later I'll be up. Not much activity to speak of for today but I ate very well, fruits and veggies, fiber, calcium, good fats, the whole shebang. Temptation tried to creep in towards dinner time but I stamped it down and cooked the delicious tilapia we had in the freezer and made a salad for myself and our son, Husband had rice. Some day we'll all three eat salad I hope but we've made progress on that front and so I remain hopeful but non pushy.
The temptation that reared was certainly not for any junk food, I actually wasn't craving anything in particular-sort of how it goes lately is I think about if I want hot or cold food and then proceed accordingly. Feeling poorly I just wanted something to grab out of the fridge and eat, no cooking involved. Reality kicked me in the ass though and let me know real quick that plopping some already breaded and seasoned fish on a baking sheet and preheating an oven was no biggie. Mission accomplished.
The perfusion of perfume in the gym yesterday seemed to aggravate my breathing passages, it was bad people, I don't think I've ever experienced such and the offenders were using the treadmill fans (for their casual strolls) so the fetid air was handily blown back on me while I huffed and puffed doing my darndest to raise and lower my heartrate repeatedly. P U. I am not usually a complainer about scent or personal choices but
Alright, to end on a positive note, I am thankful I am out of school so that I am not missing class and stressing out about it and I have time to rest and get better. Despite being sick, life is good.

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