Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And more pictures! These are from our last girlie night with a vintage theme.

In this first one I'm wearing a vintage "Cloud 9" brand faux fur coat I bought in a little shop when I was a junior in high school and my new purple wool hat from Banana Republic. I love that the old school styling is so prevalent in a lot of their clothing, I wish I had the money to buy a lot of the dresses especially.

In this one I'm wearing my friend's headpiece which felt really cool with the netting pulled over my eyes.

And I included this because it shows more of the dress I wore. I also had on seamed stockings and heels. The dress was made by my amazing great grandmother. my mama has always called it the "marilyn monroe" dress and until I went to put it on I hadn't realized that she made it. Checking for a tag to maybe give me an idea of the date there was just her name pinned inside. Simply amazing. The only zipper is on the side and it fits like it was made for me. My earrings are also vintage clip-ons and were my grandmother's too.


MARLA said...

AWESOME! And I love the B&W.

One time when I was young I wore a dress borrowed from my friend's grandmother to a party - it was a black silk taffeta, and fit me like a glove. I've never received so many compliments in my life, before or since. Those old dresses rock! They're really constructed and fitted, not this one-size-fits-all with an elastic waist nonsense.

p.s. the headpiece w/veil - VERY mysterious and elegant.

Vickie said...

thanks for the protein/beans information. I quoted you on my own blog too - hope that's okay!!!

Erin said...


I really love the quality and look of older clothing, what happened to your black taffeta? Sounds awesome! And thank you for the compliments. :)

Erin said...


No problem, you are welcome and of course it is okay to quote me unless it's in an unflattering light. :) I will have to go look, always ready to find more blogs to read.

G.G. said...

That sounds like so much fun, and YOU LOOK FANTASTIC:-)

Erin said...

Thank you g.g.! We had a great time.