Friday, April 04, 2008

My little one is very sick, caught the cold my husband got that I think I have been fighting somewhere deep in the Land of the Forgotten Sinuse Passages (aka way up in my noggin' somewhere).
Did an hour of yoga the other night and felt great but have yet to do it again even though I have had the desire just because of my time constraints. Doing the clinical rotation thing wears me out though not as badly as before and I have projects all coming due, only a few weeks left in the semester. I've stopped beating myself up if I can't work out as much as I want to, I know I'll be waaaaay more active when things slow down a bit and I'll just do the best I can right now.
I've had some struggled lately with food and trusting myself to do the right thing and there's lots I need to explore on here but I just can't right now. My little guy just wants me to hold him and it is so pitiful-wish I could make him better. If I haven't mentioned it, thank you to everyone that has been commenting-I get so excited when I see someone left me a note, I wish I was better at responding immediately. Please reference time constraints and management issues.


WeightingGame said...

You are a busy mom, always on the go, sick and still blogging - you have no reason to apologize! I hope you keep getting better...and am so glad you said something to the pharmacist who was being a crab. If it boosted your spirits, it boosted your soul :-)

M@rla said...

Sorry your boy is sick - this flu or whatever is just miserable. You've got your hands full right now; family and class are just going to have to take the priority sometimes. But I'm glad to hear the semester is almost over, you've been working really hard for so long!