Monday, November 05, 2007

Drinking too often and baking are not exactly conducive to good health, but they were a means to and end for me this weekend and now we can move on with me making healthy choices. I did have a goal of dropping 8 lbs by the new yr to finally be at the size that I've been striving towards for several yrs now but that is sort of out the window. If I happen to achieve that while making the absolute best choices I can, being strong for my mother and my own little family-then so be it.
My NEW new goal is to be as physically active as possible each and every day. Today I shall dress appropriately for walking a lot and may visit the gym during lunch. I'll go get ready for that in a moment. My glands behind my ears (sides of neck) are swollen and hurt to touch and my head hurts-I know part of that is due to not enough water and just poor habits this weekend. Our son is also sick with a terrible deep cough and off and on a bit of fever I think, so no telling if I have caught that too, the other two times I got a bad cough the actual cough did not show up for a few days.
Anyway, I'm coming to grips with the fact that my mother, the most special person in the world, has cancer. M@rla, thank you. So I'm going to go make a nutritious breakfast and get dressed in my coordinated sweat pant outfit (I'm supposed to dress professionally so I am compromising in order to get daily activity without changing clothes for it) and go to school where we will talk about weight management that I could not care less about now that the Big C is looming over me.


M@rla said...

I really am sorry to hear about your mother. My father suffered a very long illness with bladder cancer, then ultimately lung cancer, and it was an ordeal for everyone. Cancer treatment options are so much better than years ago, there's a great deal of hope - but at the same time they can prolong an illness beyond any reasonable sanity. It's very difficult for the families to ride the up-and-down rollercoaster for years, when in the past a person's fate was usually determined in months. So it's a good-news-bad-news kind of thing!

I hope you don't take this as being pessimistic - I am sending all the best thoughts I can for your mother, and I know that surgeries for colon cancer have an incredible success rate. I just know that when my father was sick I wanted to be let off the bravery-with-a-smile hook once in a while. Absolutely take care of yourself as best you can; it's not disloyal to your mother to keep yourself strong and even enjoy life.

Kada said...

Hi Erin,
I sincerely hope that your mother goes into remission and stays there for a very long time to come.
And with being strong, just remember that includes having the strength to feel your emotions. Cry and rage when you need to, so that you can be the supportive person your mum needs when in her presence.

Best of luck with this and remember to care for the carers. When my aunt's partner had lymphoma, the times she had away to pamper herself, exercise, sleep, cry or whatever helped her immensely to keep going.

But again, I hope that this is something that your mum overcomes and asap.

Much love and hugs to you and yours,

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