Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I hereby declare, I shall never eat fried Chinese takeout covered in a sweet cornstarchy sauce, unless I have a deep dislike for myself. I don't even like it anymore and yet I got roped into having it because that is what our family wanted and we were at their place. After seeing that my measly portion had over a thousand calories in it, not counting the rice of egg roll, I say HELL NO. Never again. If I do ever want that I will make my own healthier version at home. Besides, I got GRISTLED by the chicken. If I bite down on a rubbery nasty bite it just ruins it for me.
I did swim some yesterday after lifting weights on Monday so at least I had SOME activity in, and yet I doubt it was enough to counteract that damage. And damage it is, if you don't even enjoy it, I am not trying to be all eating disordered on your ass, just negative. Ha! I feel like I need a disclaimer there: not making fun of actual eating disorders or the people that have them, I was really close myself and traipsed back and forth over the line many times. I associate calling food bad or good or talking about "damage" as eating disorderly type talk-yet it can also have a more valid meaning. If you put fuel into your body that is harmful to it, like massive amounts of salt or alcohol, etc. that IS damange. Anyway, onward.
Ipod is dead and yet I hit the gym again today, after walking uphill for 7 minutes to get there, climbing lots of stairs etc. I did thirty minutes and then had to book it up and down the stairs again and out to the car. Good amount of activity but then I ate a hot dog at dinner in addition to my burger. None of this was fast food and it was yummy and yet maybe I did not need all that. I was truly hungry though so no regrets.
This has dissolved into a food count. Point is, work out=good, food=decently good sparkpeople streak=good.
Speaking of the streak, I just "leveled up" to the bigger trophy which is cool and yet kinda sucky cause I am back down at the bottom of working towards the next one. Now that I am tracking food though it should fly by, maybe I should continue until next trophy?
Plan on adding in a second lifting session tomorrow at school, will be my first time to try out what they have and I hope it does not suck but worse case scenario I just drop and do my pushups or whatever. Maybe they have a pullup bar? Will report back soon!


Dynamo360 said...

Ugh... I hate when I feel like I have to eat something because everybody else is!! Especially family... it's hard!

But you are clearly really aware about it and figuring out what is going to work for you.

Good luck at the gym!

Just a heads up: I switched my blog to www.dynamo360.blogspot.com :)

M@rla said...

I absolutely CANNOT eat Chinese food because of the MSG. They all claim they don't have it, but it's THERE, in the pre-made sauces and pre-made eggrolls and pre-made soups that most of them serve. It's poison to me.

Last time we visited SIL, she wanted to have Chinese and kept saying "But they don't put MSG in it! It says in the menu!" and I kept refusing to eat it, and my god you'd swear it was WWIII. I was even saying things like "It's perfectly okay with me if YOU guys get Chinese and I'll have a sandwich, that's totally cool..." but she would not give in. Obviously food is some sort of power struggle for some people.

Feh. In laws.