Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thanks Kada! I am very happy about my new friend.

And now, I bemoan my eating habits, or urges may be a better term. It is raining buckets outside, thunder and lightening the whole deal and I want comfort food. The problem is, I'm not sure what is comforting anymore. At one point I would have said pizza or fast food or something heinous like a plate of tater tots with chili and cheese all over them or ramen noodles with a hunk of cheese. Now? No thank you, and yet a salad doesn't exactly scream comfort. Maybe that is all in my head because I was thinking of having a salad on the way home from picking our son up a minute ago. I bought some vegetarian chili yesterday too, maybe I'll have that. Would be better with tater tots though, heh.

No gym today, I also stayed home from school and did next to nothing besides starting the new Harry Potter book. I'm about 200 pages in, didn't crack it open until later in the day, but of course it is good and I want to be reading it right now. That's not exactly good parenting though, and neither is typing this while my little one needs attention.

Bye for now.


M@rla said...

I rarely get cravings any more, but the other day I heard someone on TV saying something about English muffin pizzas. OMG! I haven't had one of those in YEARS. Decades. I'm going to make some on my next cheat day.

Kada said...

Mmmmm Tater Tots. I had some the other day. My inner kid was loving it.

I was swooping them round like aeroplanes, and the Mr and Mrs Tater Tot were kissing. And then one of Alaskaboy's tater tots had drowned in a pool of ketchup, so there came Mr Monk Tatertot to solve the crime. LOL It was SO much fun.

I never got them as a kid (pommes noisettes they were called back home) because Mum made kick arse chips of her own...but the little kid in me always wanted to try the teeny potatoey goodness that came from the shop! So I got my chance this month.

Funny thing is we're having french onion soup for lunch today, that Alaskaboy made, and I have no guilt about it whatsoever. Even with the gooey cheese on top.

If the craving for the tater tots does keep comin' at ya. Have it, else you know you'll binge on something else.

Chris said...

Sometimes you just need to eat the apple and move on. I know cravings for me don't go away until I have put something else in my stomach. Healthier foods may not be exactly the thing I want the most in that moment, but if I eat them the unhealthy cravings usually pass.